Webinar: Lighting’s Role in the Internet of Things

Register now for a webinar taking place 5 Aug. that explains the connection of lighting to the Internet of Things, presented by Gooee Vice President of Connected Devices Jon Couch and Chief Technology Officer Simon Coombes.

Connecting devices in one lighting ecosystem

Gooee Presenters

Jon Couch
Jon Couch, VP, connected devices

Simon Coombes
Simon Coombes, CTO

More than a billion sensors, devices and machines currently create data. An infinitely larger number of apps are needed to access the data and deliver insights and actions. Our goal is to consider an entire ecosystem in which all things work together, and that exists through lighting.

If you are a lighting manufacturer, product designer, technology professional, energy manager, facilities manager or energy performance contractor, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how this connection benefits your company.